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Veterinarians & Pet Dental Specialists: Tooth Restorations For Pets

Veterinarians & Pet Dental Specialists: Tooth Restorations For Pets

Shaw Labs is now offering tooth restorations for pets! We are a boutique dental lab serving dentists in Calgary, Kelowna and throughout Western Canda.

We specialize in general and cosmetic dental restoration and have recently expanded our services to pet tooth restorations

Veterinarians and Pet Dental Specialists

We recognize that your clients are looking to you to provide quality care to ensure their pets lead a happy and healthy life. Feel confident with every surgery that you are supplying your client’s pet with the best teeth restorations.

We provide a high-tech environment and high-quality restorations to ensure you can provide your patient’s four-legged family member with the best dental solution. When you submit your prescription, we will complete a customized tooth restoration for the pet in-house from scan & design, to production. 

Our complete in-house process ensures each and every case is completed efficiently with the highest level of precision from start to finish. We are dedicated to developing long-term relationships with veterinarians and other pet specialists based on a foundation of trust, reliability, and consistent quality.

Our boutique atmosphere invites veterinarians and pet dental specialists to partner with us. We look forward to providing you with top-tier services and customized tooth restorations for pets.

Customized Tooth Restorations for Pets

At Shaw Labs, we work closely with veterinarians and pet dental specialists to provide customized and comprehensive solutions to your patient’s four-legged family member. Pets may suffer from missing or damaged teeth for a variety of reasons. Our mission is to provide lasting and durable solutions that stay put and allow pets to lead a full and happy life.

Our lab utilizes top-tier technology and equipment to procure tooth restorations for pets. We can complete every case in-house from scan, design, to production. Our onsite technology allows for the utmost precision and control so you can provide your client’s dog or cat with a full, healthy and happy life.

With our depth of technical expertise, our Shaw Labs team is happy to assist you with any questions or concerns in regards to case planning and product selection.

Partnering with Shaw Dental Labs

Digital dentistry has revolutionized the entire dental industry and our lab. We rely on only the best materials and technology to complete our tooth restorations for pets.


Submit an online prescription with our digital prescription pad – no paper or pen required! Reduce restoration wait times by having the opportunity to send us your details instantly and efficiently.

Our lab is able to receive records and dental impressions with ease. Milling on site ensures complete control and precision every step of the way. Employing both traditional methods and innovative technology, our goal is to always provide our dentists with outstanding results.

Is your veterinarian clinic interested in partnering with Shaw Dental Labs for high-quality tooth restorations for pets? Contact us in Calgary at 403.244.7485 or in Kelowna and throughout BC at 800.488.8257.