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Simplifying Zirconia Choices

Simplifying Zirconia Choices
The majority of zirconia manufacturers are all producing the same three zirconias, even though they may be branded differently.
Our mission is to help dentists in Calgary, Kelowna, and throughout Western Canada create beautiful smiles! Using our expertise, we’ve simplified four different zirconia scenarios with recommendations of when to choose each type.


1. High strength zirconia

High strength zirconia is extremely strong zirconia (1300 mpa ), hence the name! Although it is the least aesthetic choice, it is great for single crowns and bridges, including full arch. Choose this for bruxers or where high strength is a priority.


2. High aesthetic zirconia

High aesthetic zirconia is still a strong zirconia (750 mpa). Emax is approximately 450 mpa. This zirconia however is more translucent than high strength giving the crown a much more natural life-like appearance. This zirconia can be used for all single units and bridges up to three units.
With both High Strength and High Aesthetic options, the zirconia blanks are white and the shade is achieved by dipping the zirconia in its green stage (pre-sintered) to achieve the final shade desired.


3. Multi-layered zirconia

Multi-layered zirconia has a strength of approximately 550 mpa. It has the colour impregnated into the zirconia blank and has gradient shade from gingival to incisal. This zirconia can be used for single units and bridges up to three units. It is a good choice for anterior crowns where full contour is desired for strength.


4. Layered zirconia (Lava)

Layered zirconia is high strength zirconia with layered ceramic over top. Also referred to as a Porcelain fused to zirconia (PFZ). This is our first choice for anteriors where both strength and aesthetics are important. The nice thing about this technique is that the zirconia can be designed full contour on the occlusal or lingual aspect and layered on the facial aspect of the crown.
Although most manufacturers of Zirconia say the minimum thickness can be .6 mm, Shaw Dental Labs recommends a minimum of 1mm reduction on the occlusion with 1.5 mm being ideal.


Please refer to the Zirconia Prep Guide below (click here to download).
Zirconia Prep Guide | Shaw Dental Labs

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