Zirconia Dental Products

Versatile, Biocompatible, Strong & Esthetic

We mill all our zirconia in-house

Having complete control of the process from end to end means we can set the standard and provide the highest quality zirconia restorations, while maintaining the customization of design desired by our dentists.

With esthetics that mimic natural teeth, you can provide your patients with a monolithic metal free restoration economically.


• Unparalleled Translucency
• High Strength and Durability
• Suitable for anterior or posterior bridges
• 100% Digitally manufactured in lab
• Conventional cementation Zirconia

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4 Available Choices

Full Contour Zirconia (High Strength)

Milled in our laboratory to full contour and stained to your specifications. Used for posterior restorations and bridges.

Full Contour Esthetic

More translucency and characterization and a higher aesthetic result. Used in posterior and anterior restorations and bridges.

Full Contour Multi Shaded

Milled in house with graduated pre-shading from gingival to incisal.

Porcelain Fused to Zirconia (Layered/Lava)

Veneered porcelain over our in-lab milled zirconia substructure for the most translucent effect and highest aesthetic results.

With over 75 years of combined technical experience, Shaw Dental Labs has gained a loyal customer base by exceeding expectations and providing our clients with consistent, aesthetic restorations. With our depth of technical expertise, we are happy to assist you with any questions or concerns in regards to case planning and product selection.

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