Digital Impressions Dental Technology

Digital impressions are quickly growing within our industry.  For your convenience and best results, Shaw Dental Labs can receive all STL files.  Restorations can be completed digitally or for optimal results a model can be created from the STL file for our team to fit and finish.

Benefits for Dentists
  • Increase efficiency, productivity, and accuracy
  • Can be used to make same day dentistry restorations, speeding up patient treatment and reducing the number of dentist visits for the patient
  • Lowers the possibility of impression-taking errors and exclusion of material inaccuracies for fewer mistakes
  • Can be stored electronically, which saves space, helps with record-keeping, and supports a paper-free environment
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With over 75 years of combined technical experience, Shaw Dental Labs has gained a loyal customer base by exceeding expectations and providing our clients with consistent, aesthetic restorations. With our depth of technical expertise, we are happy to assist you with any questions or concerns in regards to case planning and product selection.

dental technology products

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