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All I Want For Christmas Is A Functional, Healthy Smile!

All I Want For Christmas Is A Functional, Healthy Smile!

Tis’ the season to enjoy copious amounts of treats that perhaps we don’t indulge in during the rest of the year! Shaw Dental Labs understands how vital a role our dentition plays in our oral health and well-being. Misaligned smiles can wear perfectly healthy enamel down and cause extensive damage to otherwise radiant teeth. If you have been considering giving yourself the gift of a functional, healthy smile this year, congratulations! Your smile can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Certain food and beverage choices can additionally influence the longevity of your dental restorations. Understanding how to properly care for your restored smile is essential. Make sure you use the Nutcracker this year instead of your teeth!

Shaw Dental Labs Rehabilitates Smiles!

The first step in overhauling your smile to be more aesthetically brilliant and functional is to visit your dentist for a comprehensive smile assessment. Your bite, jaw function, alignment and cosmetic concerns, including chips, cracks or staining, will be discussed. It is essential, to be honest, every step of the way when expressing your questions, concerns and potential outcomes to ensure correct diagnosis and planning. Your dental restorations such as porcelain laminate veneers and dental crowns are custom created at Shaw Dental Labs to become streamlined with your smile while offering superior comfort. We are experts in the field of custom shading and clients can rest assured that their dental restorations will seamlessly blend in and look sensational!


Creating Lasting Dentition

Cosmetic and functional changes need to be considered to develop a modification that will not only look amazing but feel great. Changes in occlusal schemes and minor adjustments can make a huge difference in protecting dentition that is compromised. Not addressing the underlying concerns that damaged your smile initially can lead to similar results with your dental restoration in the future. Porcelain laminate veneers, dental implant therapy, dental implant bridges, and other specialized restorations can help you rehabilitate your smile and help you stop continually damaging dentition that has been functionally compromised.

Smile Lifts & Your Diagnostic Wax-Up

Your superior smile may only need to revamp a small number of teeth or perhaps, full mouth rehabilitation may be recommended by your dentist. Determining the cause of your dental issues is important to help you take the correct steps to maintain a healthy smile for life. Shaw Dental Lab often relies on a diagnostic wax-up to prepare and conserve prototype fabrication. This enables us to verify any changes to the occlusal scheme to ensure superior comfort and ideal end results. Our digital dental lab makes it easy to upload your client files and send us all of your prescriptions.

Shaw-Dental-Labs-Kelowna-Calgary-Healthy-Smiles-For-Christmas-Healthy Holiday Foods Can Save Your Smile

Adjusting your diet over the holidays can extend the longevity of your dental restorations and keep your smile looking and feeling vibrant. Balancing nutrition during a time that is usually laden with sugary treats is important for your smile and the rest of your body. Jamie Oliver has five great food options including parsnips, turkey, Clementine’s, Brussels sprouts and more to add to your festive fare. Including veggies and fruits that are packed with vitamins and minerals can help solidify your smile from the inside out. Experiment with some new healthy recipes this season and who knows…your family may just fall in love with some new, healthy holiday favourites.

Holiday Oral Hygiene

Your smile needs to be protected on a daily basis for optimum results. Brushing and flossing and using mouthwash is vital during the festive season and any time of year. We must remove the biofilm and plaque that continually form to keep our gum line happy and our teeth ecstatic. Plan ahead and make time after those holiday gatherings and staff parties to spend a little extra TLC on your oral health and put your best smile forward.

Send Your Complex Cases To Shaw Dental Laboratory Today!

Shaw Dental Labs has locations in Kelowna and Calgary. Our boutique lab specializes in offering superior customer service and utmost client care. We proudly work with dental offices all over Western Canada. Our restorations come with a warranty and our team is not satisfied until your dental patients are happy. We invite you to contact us today and send us your most complex cases. We take great pride in restoring and improving people’s smiles.

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