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Efficient Logistics Make Shaw Dental Labs Thrive

Efficient Logistics Make Shaw Dental Labs Thrive

 Shaw Dental Labs proudly serve dental clinics all across Western Canada. Organized and experienced, our professional team maintains clear communication with all of our dental clients. With stringent quality control measures in place, our dental lab handles all restorations in-house. Feel confident about sending us your most complex cases. We pride ourselves on delivering the custom restorations your dental practice relies on. Some of the top reasons why dentists all over love working with our dental lab include:

  • Decades of combined experienced
  • Leaders in digital dentistry
  • Personalized service & boutique atmosphere
  • Precision accuracy and comfort
  • Real people answer our phones!
  • Stellar communication and collaboration
  • State-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology
  • Dependable and reliable delivery


Efficient Logistics: Let Shaw Dental Labs Simplify Your Restorations

We make it simple for your dental practice to upload your digital STL files to our dental lab. Superior accuracy ensures even your most complex dental restorations, ceramic crowns and dental implants and abutments can be instantly received. Our team is happy to discuss any questions or concerns or make recommendations regarding materials if your dental practice wishes for more details.

 A dental technician working on a crown for a patient


Shaw Dental Labs: Digital Dentistry Solutions

 We consider our full-service dental lab to be a leader in the digital dentistry arena. Shaw Dental Labs thrives on delivering precise, cost-effective solutions for our dental practices. Digital dentistry immediately provides accurate results and precision measurements, enabling us to create the most comfortable and reliable dental solutions to help your practice succeed. We provide the customer service your dental office is seeking. Shaw Dental Labs in Kelowna and Calgary invite you to join our extended family.


Artistic, Functional & Aesthetic Dental Restorations

Your dental practice is built on quality customer service and exceptional care. Your dental clients are seeking positive solutions to their oral care needs. Shaw Dental Labs is a trusted name within the realm of digital dental labs. Our full-service approach ensures we are involved in every aspect of creating your custom dental restorations to achieve supreme function and flawless aesthetics.


Shaw Dental Labs Delivers Reliable Custom Dentistry Solutions

We take pride in helping our dentists and their practices succeed. Isn’t it time your dentistry practice found a dental lab that matches your attention to detail and believes in accuracy and integrity as much as you do? We are committed to providing you and your clients with beautiful smiles for life! Fabricating top quality dental prosthetics that perform accurately and feel amazing is our specialty! Contact Shaw Dental Labs today to partner up and deliver the best results to your dental clients.


Our Certified Dental Technicians Are Industry Experts

Feel secure knowing that you are trusting your dental clients’ smiles to the best restorations in Western Canada. Our competent and dedicated team has over 75 years of technical experience to successfully deliver the most intricate dental restorations. Our dental crowns from zirconia or ceramic, bridges, dental implants and abutments, and custom shading come together efficiently to help your dental practice provide the results your clients are seeking. We rely on the latest dental technology to streamline our processes. We look forward to joining forces with your dental practice.

Get started with Shaw Dental Labs today and experience the difference of working with a boutique atmosphere who cares about your dental clients as much as you do!