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The Pros Of A Digital Dental Lab

The Pros Of A Digital Dental Lab

Shaw Dental Labs can help your dentist office transform into even more of a creative and innovative operation. Reduce restoration wait times by having the opportunity to send us your details instantly and efficiently.

Digital dentistry has revolutionized the entire industry. Our lab is able to receive patient records, prescriptions and dental impressions with ease from our counterparts. Milling on site ensures complete control and utmost care is taken every step of the way. Our boutique atmosphere welcomes new clients and looks forward to working closely together. Isn’t it time your dental office teamed up with Shaw Dental Labs?

Fully Digitalized Workflow Advantages

Intraoral scanning technology offers exceptional 3D impressions cleanly and superiorly. Skip the messy traditional impressions once and for all! Your patients will love the convenience and simplicity and your dental team will enjoy the efficiency and accuracy. Our lab can have your dental restoration, custom crown, dental implant bridge, orthodontic appliance or any item underway immediately.

We handle every aspect in-house, allowing us to ensure supreme quality assurance from start to finish. Think of the time you will save not having to clean all of that traditional impression gathering equipment! No more yucky taste to discuss with clients. Within minutes, you and your patient (and us!) will be able to see exactly what your best options are and Shaw Dental Labs is here to make it happen.

Visualize Together

Your dental patients will have a much stronger understanding of their upcoming oral surgery or dental restoration once they can view 3D graphics with you. Obtaining the facts almost instantly with today’s technology creates less time in the chair and more free time for your clients and your dental team. Shaw Dental Labs takes pride in contributing to your patient’s smiles. Creating beautiful smiles is our specialty!

Improved Accuracy, Supreme Comfort & Optimum Results

It is essential to keep up with the latest dental technology to avoid having your dental practice become dated and pressed for future growth. Where do you see your dental practice in the next decade? Shaw Dental Labs offers fast turnaround and guaranteed delivery. We are committed to your success.

Your patients want to be back to their smiling selves as soon as possible. Our digital files streamline the fit and function of your dental restoration by relaying accurate measurements for perfect results. Precision custom restorations make all the difference when it comes to securing lasting smiles.

Shaw Dental Labs Helps Dentists Deliver Delightful Smiles!

If efficiency and communication are essential to your dental practice, it is time to partner up! Shaw Dental Labs makes it easy to review dental cases in real time thanks to our digital technology. It is easier to discuss cases and ensure that our lab is on the same page. Avoid sending impressions and models back and forth. Save time and money by upgrading to digital technology.

You and your dental patients will love how streamlined the entire process is and how fast we deliver the components for a successful smile. We look forward to hearing from you!

Call Shaw Dental Labs in Calgary at 1.403.244.7458 or throughout BC and Alberta at 1.800.488.8257 today and let’s get started.