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Dental Implants Lab, serving the Okanagan & surrounding areas

Dental Implants Lab, serving the Okanagan & surrounding areas

Missing dentition can cause a host of physical and emotional concerns for dental clients. Losing the fundamental freedom to chew, smile, laugh and digest our food can have catastrophic effects. Dental Implants are offering edentulous patients lasting and secure smiles across the globe. Shaw Dental Labs creates custom dental implants and abutments with the accuracy and precision your dental clients deserve. Feel confident with every surgery that you are supplying your clients with the best smile solutions. The top reasons to have Shaw Dental Labs create your dental implants include:

  • Over 75 years of combined technical expertise
  • Complex dental cases welcome
  • Digital file submission increases accuracy, saves time and money
  • All restorations are completed in-house for superior quality assurance

Dental Implants Offer 98% Success Rate

Shaw Dental Labs proudly supports dentists across Western Canada. Our team understands how valuable and essential it is to deliver perfect restorations the first time around. Your dental clients may be suffering from self-esteem issues and be missing the ability to eat their favourite foods. We are committed to helping you restore your clients’ smiles. Dental implant bridges, single dental implants and full arches are created with our state-of-the-art technology to ensure superior comfort and healing. Dental implants closely resemble our natural tooth structure. The surgically inserted dental implants help to maintain the integrity of the jawbone for optimum oral health. Enjoy a lasting smile that stays put and allows your clients to enjoy their favourite foods once healing is complete. People may suffer from missing or damaged teeth for a variety of reasons:

  • Sports injury/trauma
  • Genetic dentition issues
  • Poor oral hygiene

Why Dental Implant Therapy Is A Superior Option

Our teeth are vital for our digestion. Missing, cracked, damaged and decayed teeth are unable to function adequately and eating can become painful. Dental implants are surgically inserted below the gumline. Over a healing period, osseointegration occurs where the dental implant becomes one with the surrounding tissue. Once secured, clients can brush, floss and maintain their regular oral hygiene appointments. Dental implant bridges and dental implants do not affect neighbouring teeth the way traditional restorations do. Avoiding unnecessary damage caused to the enamel of surrounding teeth is vital for the health and longevity of any smile. Shaw Dental Labs only works alongside the best implant partners in the industry to secure consistent results in aesthetics and comfort. Our digital dental lab delivers everything your dentist office needs including:

  • All on Four
  • Full Contour Hybrid Abutment
  • Brand Authentic Abutment
  • Custom Abutment in Titanium, Zirconia or Goldhue
Dental Implants Lab - Kelowna & Calgary

Shaw Dental Labs For All of Your Dental Implants

Our friendly and experienced team is happy to speak with dentists and answer any questions or concerns you may have. We proudly delivery quality dental restorations and implants all over Western Canada. If you are looking to partner up with a dental lab that is committed to providing your dental office with reliable dentistry solutions, look no further! Shaw Dental Labs do not outsource any components. We feel that handling every aspect in-house offers unique insight into every restoration from start to finish.

Submit your prescription easily; upload your digital files or email us today!